Residents of the Cedar Park Estates mobile home complex in Concord reported to La Noticia that they had received irregular increases in water and sewage service charges.

This community is made up of more than 100 mobile homes and is located on the border of Concord and Harrisburg, just over 30 minutes from Charlotte.

A public official, who did not want to reveal her identity, confirmed to La Noticia that the town of Harrisburg provides water and sewage services to this mobile home community.

She also stated that the management of Cedar Park Estates receives a water bill for the entire mobile home complex, but the town of Harrisburg is not responsible for the rates charged to the residents.

“They could charge the residents 20% more and we wouldn’t know because that’s not our responsibility,” the official told La Noticia.

Contradictions and doubts

Cedar Park Estates management sent a letter to residents in April warning them that water costs were going to rise because the town of Harrisburg had allegedly increased prices on January 1, 2022.

“Last month they sent a letter saying that the cost of water had risen again and that they had to charge us the difference from January to May. They said that they had not realized the city had raised the price,” one of the neighbors, who asked that his identity not be revealed, told La Noticia.

However, the public official interviewed by La Noticia said that rate increases are not implemented at that time of year.

“We raise our rates around July 1st of each year, so they should be prepared for another price increase. But our rate increases will be sent to Cedar Estates, and what they charge residents is another matter,” said the public employee.

Along with irregularities in rate increases, neighbors complained about disproportionate charges when comparing the bills from different mobile homes that have similar water consumption.

“Several of the neighbors say they are paying too much. I am paying more than $100,” added another neighbor who was interviewed by La Noticia.

La Noticia tried to contact the management of Cedar Park Estates to get their perspective on the matter but did not receive a response.

Additionally, the City of Harrisburg is expected to increase water and sewer rates by approximately 5% beginning July 1, 2022.

José Cordero

Licenciado en Comunicación Social y Magíster Scientiae en Literatura Latinoamericana.