La Noticia, Inc., is a print and digital news organization.

In digital it is a local and independent communication medium. Our mission is to be the most valuable source of information for the Latino community.

Our audience prefers because we are local, we are a community, we provide them with news and information on issues that affect the Latino community.

In print

La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper serves the Latino community in North Carolina with four different editions:

It is the largest Spanish language newspaper between Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA. It is the most widely read, most respected, and most professionally done media in Spanish.

We have been serving more than 300,000 members of the Latino community in North Carolina with
La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper for over 24 years and with since 2015.

La Noticia has been recognized by the National Association of Hispanic Publications as the Best Spanish-language Newspaper in the country. In 2019 it received 35 José Martí awards, thus becoming the most awarded newspaper in Spanish in the entire country.

Our mission is to provide our readers with local news about what is happening in your new home, as well as information about available resources, schools, jobs, arts, culture, entertainment, community events, etc.

We understand that our readers came to America with a dream of being financially successful and happy. To achieve this goal, they need to understand how business is conducted here in their new home, what American culture is like, and how they can adapt to it. They trust La Noticia to help them, providing them with adequate and correct information in this regard.

We realize that we help our readers shape opinions on issues, so we make sure to provide them with the most accurate data on the issues in question. We pride ourselves on the fact that we never underestimate our readers. We treat them with the utmost respect and consideration, this attitude has helped us earn their loyalty.