On , with 10 years of uninterrupted activity, La Noticia reaches its 500th edition in the North Carolina mountains, as the local Spanish-language media outlet preferred by Latino families in the Asheville/Hendersonville area.

This achievement is the result of a combination of factors that could be summarized as: a clear vocation of service to our community, a dedicated team of committed professionals, a deep respect for the intelligence of our readers and advertisers, an unwavering work ethic, and a constant effort to raise the bar and offer a product that exceeds your expectations.

Because of these guiding principles, all editorial, business, design, and distribution decisions take into consideration the needs, tastes, and preferences of the person who is most important to us: you.

The Latino community in the United States in general, and in the Carolinas in particular, has enormous potential for growth. Latinos are the future of this nation, so it is essential for us to make informed decisions. La Noticia provides you with relevant, practical, and timely information that respects our culture and language.

We put a special emphasis on the use of the Spanish language in our newspaper. La Noticia is used by schools, colleges, organizations, and even universities as a tool to teach Spanish. It brings us great joy that we have become a reference for the use of the Castilian language in the Carolinas. At the same time, we realize that it is a great responsibility.

With more than 37.6 million speakers, Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the United States among people ages 5 or older. It is also one of the fastest growing languages, with a 233 increase in Spanish speakers in the U.S. since , when there were 11 million Spanish speakers, according to Census data.

A study by the Pew Research Center found that 25 of Latinos in the United States mainly speak English. Three-quarters (75) speak completely or partially in Spanish. 38 of Latinos speak mainly Spanish, and 36 are bilingual. We are grateful to know that La Noticia is contributing to the spread of this beautiful language.

With two decades of experience, four local editions (in the regions of Charlotte, the Triangle, the Triad, and the mountains), dozens of national awards, and a complete team of professionals at your service, we invite you to keep informed each week by reading our print edition of La Noticia. You can also stay informed about what is happening in our community through our updated website: www.lanoticia.com. Additionally, you can follow us on social media: Facebook.com/LaNoticia.

With this 500th edition, we extend a huge thank you to our kind readers and our intelligent advertisers for their preference.

Diego Barahona A.

Periodista, editor, asesor, y presentador. De 2016 a 2019 el periodista más galardonado en Estados Unidos por los Premios José Martí. Autor del best seller: ¿Cómo leer a las personas? dbarahona@lanoticia.com

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