Un cocodrilo fue rescatado en las calles de la Colonia Morelos. (Foto: SSP)

After a turbulent 2020, nothing should surprise us in this life, in the middle of a COVID-19 Pandemic, unpublished scenes, never-before-seen landscapes and even wild animals on the streets of the most important cities in the world.

Mexico City is famous for having all kinds of events in its streets , from people who walk Tigers in Public Plazas, others who travel with crocodiles on the subway train and even ducks who wear tennis shoes on the same public transport.

They rescue Crocodile who roamed freely through the streets

Now, something never seen before happened, at least in the CDMX and that is that people noticed that a small crocodile was roaming freely through the streets of Colonia Morelos, so they called the authorities.

The lizard was walking freely near Circunvalación , the neighbors immediately alerted the authorities since seeing a crocodile is not common and less so in a city like CDMX.

“Officers from the Animal Surveillance Brigade (BVA) of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, rescued a crocodile specimen of the species Moreletii, which was prowling along the sidewalk in the streets of the Morelos neighborhood, mayor's office Venustiano Carranza ”, Explains a statement from the agency.

"The uniformed men went to Gardeners Street and its intersection with Congress Avenue, after being informed via radio about a citizen complaint in which a reptile was reported crawling on the sidewalk," he adds.

Authorities sent the crocodile to Profepa

Despite wandering in the streets, the crocodile was in good condition and healthy, so he was sent to the relevant authorities to follow up on this case.

"The specialized personnel of the BVA transported the animal to the facilities of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) located in the Jardines en la Montaña neighborhood, Tlalpan mayor's office where they will keep it under observation and follow up on its possible release" , explain in writing.

After evaluating the lizard, PROFEPA will send the animal for release in a natural environment and it continues with its life cycle.

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