Latinos are the economic engine of the United States

During Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate the traditions and culture of Latinos, as well as their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions to the development and growth of this country. In addition, we recognize the sacrifices and struggle of Latinos who immigrated to this country looking for better opportunities and a prosperous future. Hispanic Heritage Month pays tribute to Latinos who live in the United States and recognizes them as an essential part of American society.

According to the Census Bureau, approximately 18.1 of the population is Latino (58.9 million people). They are the largest minority group in the country. A study conducted by the Cervantes Institute found that in less than 50 years the United States will become the country with the largest number of Spanish speakers in the world, with approximately 119 million Latinos.

Latinos have become a key demographic in the United States, not only because of the number of people but because they are the economic engine of the country. Latinos contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth. The Latino workforce contributes to GDP growth in the United States. This is not just due to the number of Latinos in the labor force, but to the quality of the workforce. One industry where Latinos have become indispensable is in landscaping and gardening.

Latino workers in the landscaping and gardening industry make up approximately 35 of the workforce, or about 1.7 million. According to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), Latinos are the largest minority group in the industry and the second largest group in this sector, surpassed only by non-Latino whites, who represent 54 of the workforce.

The landscaping and gardening industry provides business opportunities, jobs, and income for Latinos in the United States. Without a doubt, this sector is a source of opportunities for our community. Moreover, 16 of Latinos in the industry have managed to become business owners and leaders within the industry. This number represents twice the national average in other industries, said Mari Medrano, President-Elect of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA). Therefore, it is essential that we continue to support Latinos in our communities and landscaping and gardening companies because they are the economic engine of our economy and an indispensable resource for our communities.

Latino culture values success obtained through hard work and effort. Companies recognize the commitment and dedication of their Latino employees. Because of this, Latinos have become a part of the workforce that is essential to the sustainability and growth of the industry. The landscaping and gardening industry recognizes Latinos’ work and social and economic contributions to the industry and the United States, and values them as employees.

National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes Latinos throughout the United States who are working to be part of this community and contributing to its growth and development, not only for their own well-being, but for the entire Latino community.

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